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Excerpts from the book ...

-- "You've got to remember: This is when "Big E" was working for $125 per night, which included the cost of his two musicians, Scotty and Bill. Elvis was so proud as he showed me his pink and black, slightly used, Cadillac. After telling the Hayride gang goodnight and settling up the loot with Tillman Franks, I got into my car, anxious to head to the Wichita Falls General Hospital to see my new daughter.  Before I could back out of the parking lot, Joe Carson asked if he could ride with me.  "Sure!  Hop in," I said.  Elvis, who had been standing nearby asked, "Can I go, too?  I'd like to see your baby."

-- Shortly after I pulled out of the WBAP parking lot for the last time, all music was dropped on the "all-night program.  Soon, the newspapers headlined the news, "According to WBAP attorneys, Bill Mack can no longer use the handle, "Midnight Cowboy!" The WBAP outfit thought they were really punishing me with the final punch by claiming they owned all rights to the words, Midnight Cowboy. Really, I had no use for "Midnight Cowboy" any more.  My agreement with XM Satellite Radio had placed me in a much more comfortable and enjoyable position.  Happy to say, I was about to become The Satellite Cowboy!

-- Also working as a DJ at KDAV at the same time was a skinny guy from Littlefield, Texas, just down the road from Lubbock.  His name was Waylon Jennings.  I hadn't been at KDAV long when I received a phone call from Blaine Cornwell, telling me the good news that I had a job in Long Beach, California at KFOX Radio if I wanted it!  I telephoned Blaine and thanked him for the offer, telling him I had decided to stay where I was.

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief  "This is a special memento of not only Bill Mack's four decades in broadcasting, but it's a great historical look at entertainment, songwriting, radio and television from an insider's perspective.  It gives us a glimpse of what it's like to be "in the know" and feel like we're rubbing elbows with some of the greatest names in the entertainment industry."

George Jones   As one of the most influential radio DJs ever, he played my songs faithfully, for which I am eternally grateful.

Willie Nelson   Bill Mack knows more about country music than most people and hes still doing it

Tanya Tucker   In this business its sometimes hard to tell who is a true friend.  Bill Mack is the real deal.

George Strait   Bill Macks influence on country music is legendary.

Janie Fricke   Its an honor to know Bill Mack.

Hank Williams, Jr.   If Bill says its so -- its so.

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"Fans of his show (now heard on XM Satellite Radio) will relish the many behind-the-scene tales and encounters with stars in this entertaining and folksy autobiography" The Dallas Morning News

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