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 We will be posting all the photos you send us from your Open-Road adventures and any

other pics our trucker friends wish to send! Check back!  Photos are on their way!

Betty Messner with the flag that she made and presented to Bill at the Mid-Am in Louisville

"Derby City Roadhog" and "Slowpoke"

Lynda Buccelli's new truck

Carter Jones, Jr. (Arkansas Cajun),
 Mary Jones & Iva Heglund

"Gearstripper" & "Always Lost"

"Cowboy Bob" - Racer Bob Steffen

Frank Johnson, Sisbro Driver

Dave Nemo, Don Burianek, Bill Mack "The XM Satellite Cowboy" (Gats 2002-Dallas)

Cowboy Bob's truck, 
near Mt Shasta, California



More Trucker Pals (click)