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 We will be posting all the photos you send us from your Open-Road adventures and any

other pics our trucker friends wish to send! Check back!  Photos are on their way!


Hershey Bar and Almond Joy

Charley , aka "Window" and
his truck at Pyramid Lake, NV


"TAZ" and Carla

Little Dude (Paw Paw), Hot Rod (Daddy), and Little Scooter (Jake), Paw Paw's Grandson and Jake's Mother

Stickhauler and Sunshine

"T" - A Black Chihuahua
The baby of TN Wildflower & Cajun
(Connie & Charlie McKeown)

Sugar Babe travels with
Sherri & George Burton

Sarah Kate travels with
Sherri & George Burton



More Trucker Pals (click)