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Lone Wolf

What Slim does when he's not truckin'

Pete Tinney (Chihuahua Trucker) and his Chihuahuas

Falcon's oldest daughter Nicole Marie 
and his first granddaughter Alexis Nicole

Dickie Ferguson (aka Lazy Wolf) and his grandson

Foxylady, daughter Teri and Blue Mule

A catfish that a guy recently caught at Lake Texoma

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"Cannonball" in Shamrock, Texas
 with Pastor Joe George Jernigan

Cannonball leaning against the street sign
on Bill Mack Street in Shamrock, Texas


Dirtfever and Semifever on a race weekend at Daytona 500

Roadrunner's Trucker Buddy class

Harold Thornton and his 3rd truck

Chainsaw and his best friend

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