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Viper and Lady Viper

Nighthawk's truck that he gave up when he went local 

The pride and joy of Nighthawk and Ladyhawk

Bodie and his kids

Lois & Jack Spencer  Transport  America 

In a frozen, snow-covered apple orchard in Michigan
... from Cat Herder Stroud

Lois and Jack's cat

Lois and Jack's cat

Darlene and Pappy


J J of Indiana


Thundergod's Baby

Dave Smith - "Pappy"


"Home away from home" for Always Lost

Drifter's Truck by the ocean

Pappy and his grandkids, Noah and Ethan


Ron Papworth


Tom and Brenda Grasley with daughter, Devon

Momma Trucker


David Walker (Dumas 45)

Matt Lyson


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