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 We will be posting all the photos you send us from your Open-Road adventures and any

other pics our trucker friends wish to send! Check back!  Photos are on their way!

Bill, Don Nehring and Ken at Louisville Truck Show

Bill Mack and "Cajun Wayne!"

Bob and Sue's "Gus the Cat"

Thanks to Chuck & Grace Amen 
for this photo

Mailman's Eagle Truck


"Sweet Cindy" Seen here with the very special hat that was given to her by "Hoppy!"


Sweet Cindy with Jim and Paula Riley, 
at the 2003 Mid America Trucking
Show in Louisville


Bobcat's pride and joy!

stock Ontario Canada

From the "Haus of Ruffs"


"Flat Spot" - Collin Brittan Wood

Big Bear and Peanut



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