Bill's Trucker Pals


 We will be posting photos that you send us from your Open-Road adventures and any

other pics our trucker friends wish to send! Check back!  More photos are on their way!

There are many, many pages of photos.  
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Jim and Linda Rooney



Balee at the U Drop Inn

Squirt and her truck

Rabbi & Kachinadoll with Trucking Teddy

The Sturgis Family at Yellowstone

Paul (Mr. Clean) and Gayle Russell

Kinky Friedman (The Governor) and Flag Waver

Shawn in Iraq
Son of Goldendaddy and Patty

The Tower Station and U-drop Inn Cafe
in Shamrock, featured in the movie "Cars"

"Bush Pilot's" grandson -- Short Round (Gavin)

The Last Rodeo with Dave Nemo

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