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Hello to all my fellow trucking partners, It has come to my attention, our good friend Wade Gordon and his lovely wife Tonja, are having a terrible financial bout at the present time.
I think if enough people are made aware of their situation , we as a group can send them some financial relief.
As you know Hershey Bar & Almond Joy, went home to be with their terminally ill Daughter-In-Law, and now have the unenviable task of helping raise their Grandchildren.
At this point since they are unemployed, Wade is doing odd jobs to help supplement their income and at times there is hardly enough food or gas for heat.
If you can, Please help this needy family. I'm sure if you know them you are aware of their many acts of kindness given to others.
I am enclosing their address:

Wade and Tonja Gordon
9956 W 100 N 27
Converse, IN 46919

Thanks in advance for your Help & Support of this family, In such trying times, REMEMBER this could be your family and we will be there for you and yours also.

Dear Bill,

My Husband has been a Owner Operator for at Least 32 yrs, we had a 99 frieghtliner that was paid off ,my Husband wanted something newer so he traded it in and bought a 2003 Volvo Vn 780,he really fell in love with that truck this was back in 2007, in April 2008 we found out that my husband has Stage 3 Lung Cancer,they are only giving him 6months to a year,he has been in and out of the hospital,of course we had to turn the truck back to the finance company,my husband hasn't worked since May 2008,Living Expenses is getting very tight with my small salary, We can Really use some help with the different Prescriptions, they are so expensive, is there anyway you can reach out to other truckers for us we know how everyone is so tight on money but, we can really use some help. He has his XM Radio hooked up at home so that he can still listen to your show.Tell Everyone to have a safe and Happyt New Year.
John and Darlene Cabral -- Free service 4 Truckers// 1-800-USA-HURT

The site has tons of information and is really easy to navigate. Maybe it will provoke someone else like me to also volunteer what ever they can, to help the Driver or his and her family in a time when it is so important to have someone to help and really cares.

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He (or she) more-than-likely delivered that pleasure!

-Bill Mack  


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